When Was the Agreement on Nuclear Energy Cooperation Signed between India and Us

The agreement on nuclear energy cooperation between India and the United States was signed on October 10, 2008. The pact was signed by the then Prime Minister of India, Manmohan Singh, and the then President of the United States, George W. Bush, in Washington D.C.

This agreement marked a historic milestone in the India-U.S. relationship, which had been strained for many years due to differences over India`s nuclear program. The agreement lifted a three-decade-long ban on nuclear trade with India and granted the country access to nuclear technology and fuel from the United States.

The agreement was a result of a long and complex negotiation process that started in 2005. The talks were aimed at finding a way to reconcile India`s need for nuclear energy with international concerns over nuclear proliferation. India had consistently maintained that its nuclear program was aimed at meeting its energy needs, and not at developing nuclear weapons.

The agreement was not without controversy. Critics argued that the deal would undermine international efforts to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons and accused the United States of making an exception for India. Supporters of the agreement, however, saw it as a way to bring India into the international non-proliferation regime and strengthen the strategic partnership between the two countries.

In the years since the agreement was signed, India has made significant strides in developing its nuclear energy sector. The country has signed several agreements with other countries for the supply of nuclear fuel and technology, and has built several new nuclear power plants.

In conclusion, the agreement on nuclear energy cooperation between India and the United States was signed on October 10, 2008, and marked a turning point in the India-U.S. relationship. Despite initial concerns and controversies, the deal has paved the way for increased cooperation in the field of nuclear energy and has contributed to India`s growth and development.